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How to Contact Us

For general questions regarding Shintaido please contact us at:

Mail: 18 Washington St, #115
Canton, MA 02021

For specific questions, see below for a directory of e-mail addresses of various officers and groups within the organization. Names of the people currently in these positions can also be found in the Introduction to the Policy Manual. Descriptions of the roles of the officers and groups can be found in the Appendix I.


Membership Secretary


Project Manager


Board of Directors   To contact the Board of Directors, please send your message to the President and it will be forward to the Board as appropriate.

National Technical Council   Students are reminded to consult their instructor with their technical questions. Instructors can then forward questions to the Technical Council by contacting the Chairperson at

Group Leaders   The Group Leaders have a closed mailing list. If you would like to join, please send a message to

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