The Exam Coordinator's job requires many different talents and involves work before during and after the exam. This position may serve as an apprenticeship for exam Goreisha.

Before the Exams

  1. Obtains the list of Examinees from the Gasshuku Manager/Registration Coordinator two weeks before the examinations.
  2. Produces Exam Evaluation forms for each Examinee. (See Appendix A, Appendix B, & Appendix C) Photo copies evaluation forms so that each Examiner has a copy of the form for each Examinee. Due to late registration, additional forms may be required immediately before the exams. Makes sure a copy machine is available.
  3. Collects Assistant and Graduate Recommendation Forms and Instructor Resumes. Delivers to Examiners.
  4. Schedules Assistant interviews with Examiners.
  5. In conjunction with the Facilities Coordinator, makes sure that indoor facilities are reserved.
  6. Makes sure tables, chairs, table clothes (dark color, not white), chairs, tent covering etc. are available.
  7. Oversees exam site set-up with facilities crew.
    • Set up Examiner's' Table

      Place table in a location with best visibility. If outside, sun should be behind the exam table. If inside, do not place near an entrance or exit. Background should be uncluttered. Examiner's should be able to view entire performance, so there needs to be enough room for the Examinee to move freely , back and forth. If exams are held inside, table should be placed in one of the comers of room facing the center.

    • Set up Additional Chairs for Special Examiners

      Provide additional chairs and/or cushions for Examiners who do not sit at the table. In general place these chairs/cushions where there is the best visibility.. These Examiners may be asked to ensure the safety of the Examinees. Therefore, if exam is conducted outdoors, these place near any hazardous spots. Indoors, place near an exit or entrance.

Exam Site Layout

See Appendix D and Appendix E

During the Exam

The Exam Coordinator makes sure that all physical aspects of the exam site remain stable. For example, he/she needs to notice if the table needs to be moved or audience repositioned.

The Exam Coordinator is also responsible for making sure that the site remains secure (i.e. asks for quiet, prevents outside intrusion) A sample, "No Entry" sign is available in Word or PDF formats.

After the Exam

Provides a list of exam results to Regional Technical Director. Included in this list is:

  • Rank achieved
  • Payment status including:
    • Exam fee
    • ISF Registration fee
    • Diploma fee